Wine Accessories and Essentials

Wine Accessories and Essentials

The beginning of 2017 could mean a start for new hobbies such as wine. The wine has been around us for more than a thousand years. The history goes back to ancient Rome, and Egypt where wine treated as medicine. In modern times, wine is part of our socialising. When it comes to wine, there are more things to learn, and remember. For instance, wine accessories help to wine to achieve amazing taste, aromas, and preservation. While wine professionals and sommeliers use some of the best equipment and accessories with high price tag, there might be a great alternative for stating your new hobby without sacrificing the budget.

Not All Wine Accessories are Built the Same

The wine accessory market is overwhelming. New products are coming every day, and the price tag goes up and up. But don’t worry, you don’t have to buy every new item and spend tonnes of money. Every wine drinker should have seven essential accessories in their house. They are wine opener, a decent set of wine glasses, decanter/aerator, wine preserver, champagne stopper, wine rack, and wine notebook.

You might already know by now; it is very hard to open the wine without wine opener. Wine openers come in different shape design. The best value wine opener is waiters friend. If it doesn’t meet your expectation, there are several options that you might find useful.

If you are looking for easy way to open wine, The ‘Bunny Ears’ Lever Corkscrew could be your answer.

The table top wine opener is also easy to use. A monk can open wine with table top opener. But can be very price and space consuming.

For some of us who have the obsession with technology, the electrical wine opener can be a good friend.

Commonly used the winged ‘Butterfly’ corkscrew. This one is doing the job great. It can open the wine. Though be careful, those type corkscrew are very unreliable.

The last one that is catching the eye is the twist and pull Corkscrew. They are like a shifting manual transmission, tough to use. But for special moments, it can do the job well.

So now you opened your wine, but you still need to pour the wine into the proper glass. Recent studies in Tokyo Medical and Dental University by Kohji Mitsubayashi found that different glass shapes and temperatures can bring out completely different bouquets and finishes from the same wine. So be careful where you are pouring your wine. The market offers a gazillion varieties of glasses. When purchasing one, read the description and purpose of glass that you like. I would take few things seriously such as where it made, price, and what kind of glass used. The best place to shop for glasses online, or local thrift shoppes.

This Thing Called a Decanter

To enhance the flavour of the wine sommeliers are recommending to use decanter or aerator. Decanter usually looks like a vase. Moreover, as the same story like with glasses, there are thousands of varieties of decanters, and of cause, for the higher price, you can purchase fancier, bigger and even digital decanters. As the house decanter, I would recommend using a just ordinary decanter. For instance, value village has tonnes of decanters or the other options for savvy shoppers is the garage sale.


Aerator, on the other hand, is simpler and much handier. The typical aerator is less expensive than the decanter, but with your fantasy and budget, prices could also get up to $500. The advantage of the aerator, it oxidises wine and just like a decanter, it improves the flavour and aromas of the wine, and instead of pouring your bottle into a decanter and letting it sit, you can enjoy wine from an aerator immediately. Also, an aerator can be used with white wines and rose wines.


Once the wine is opened, it tends to oxidate. So what is the best way to preserve your wine, and how long the wine can be open, and still taste fresh? One of the solutions that market offers to us is wine pump. It pumps out the air from wine, so the wine can still taste fresh. My personal favourite and probably less expensive solution to preserve wine are pouring wine into empty half bottle wine. It can then simply stored in the fridge. This method allows you to keep your red wine fresh up till 3-5 days, and white up till three weeks. The most advanced and expensive wine preservation, you can get in the market is the Coravin Wine System. This device that looks like scientific microscope allows you to pour your wine without even uncorking the bottle. However, the disadvantages of this device are price, space consuming, and reliability. If you like to keep with wine trends the best places to buy wine preservers are online stores or your local department store.

For champagne lovers, there is also a gadget. Champagne is by its nature last just a few short hours after the cork has been removed. Therefore, champagne stoppers are an important tool for preserving the bubbles of fine sparkling wine. Most of the champagne don’t remove oxygen out from wines; however, they do keep the carbon dioxide in the bottle.

Wine Accessories

Wine Rack

Now let’s talk about wine racks. Cellaring wine is a complicated process, and it requires special knowledge. But for wine lovers, wine rack could be a great start. It can also make your room much sophisticated or cosier. Just remember don’t place your wine rack by sun exposure and by the warm areas such as a kitchen or nearby heating radiator. The sunlight can warm up your wine and eventually killed it. So the warm areas can warm up your wine and killed it. Wine likes constant temperatures, and it doesn’t like natural day light. The best temperature for keeping your wine safe is somewhere between 16-18 degrees and should be the place where it won’t have exposure to sunlight. Although, if wine cellaring is something that interested you, look for the wine books that include all information on how to cellar your wine.


Lastly, but still very important to have is your wine notes. Wine notes will help you to have the better record of your wines. You can go back to your wine notes and find for instance, which wine was a better pairing with roasted vegetables or which wine did I like with a plate of seafood. Another example where wine notes can by handy is to compare different vintages, producers, and the regions. It is fun to have it, as the wine is different everywhere. Wine notes will make you more knowledgeable about the wines that you like. Next time when you shop for wine, you will be more confident in your choices.

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