Wild In The City


It’s nothing new when we hear that connecting with nature can reduce stress and make for a better quality of life. The questions I hear most often from people who travel or live in the city is “How to connect to nature in a concrete metropolis?” .

The fact is there are many ways to connect without going out of your way to the closest mountain or forrest. It can be done outside anywhere.

Remember the sky above us and the ground below us connect us all. We share the same ground and sky with nothing in between.

These are a few things I like to do when needing to connect in the city.

Be Outside

Find a local park, a balcony or a bench near a boulevard. Being outside allows you to breath in fresh air. I guess “fresh air” depends on the city you live in. Being outside doesn’t feel like trapped energy like that of being indoors. Breathing helps us relax enabling us to become present and outdoor air is different than that of stale indoor air.

apartment-buildings-828922_1920 Being outside you can find a place to face the sunlight. Feel the warm rays upon your face. Much like a plant need the power of the sun to grow so do we. The sun energizes us and surrounds us with healing heat. Find your secret sun gazing spot in the city.


At night you can open the window find a rooftop. Find anywhere you can catch cool outdoor air. If you are lucky enough to see the stars find a place to gaze at them. Looking up at the stars and moon reassures us of the vast space that surrounds us. Looking towards the universe humbles us and how small we truly are amongst the stars and planets.

garden-766600_1920There are a growing number of buildings that have green spaces on the roof. If finding a park is out of your way you could look into finding rooftop green spaces.

If you have the option to take your shoes and socks off. This can be done at the beach or a local park. Touching the ground with your bare feet or the palms of your hands is like an uninsulated wire connected to an electrical contact. We all stand on the planet and share the ground we step on.


Silence Technology

Turn off mobile devices.These tiny useful machines can be distracting. Remember we are here to take a break from the buzz and connect with nature and the heartbeat of the planet. In fact if you work in the tech sector disconnecting often can increase productivity and creativity.


The City Is A Hive

I look at the city as a humming hive like a nest of working bees flying in and out from one destination to the next. The energy is always moving on a high frequency. The goal is to be one of those bees that is able to stay still amongst the rest of the hive. So the most important tip I have to give is learn to be silent with yourself through meditation or prayer. Then when you feel confident with your ability, take it outside.

Walking mindfully silently amongst the buildings and the people begin to separate external sound from internal sound. Draw your attention to the moment. Place your focus on lifeforms such as potted plants and trees. They too have learnt to thrive within the city.


Rejoice in Life

Stay grateful to all things that grow from this earth. Gratuity is a moving force. Once you begin to allow gratefulness in your heart it continues to grow. Finding amazing things in nature and listing out all the things that make you grateful about it can bring you closer to nature and this planet no matter where you are.

If your in a city or not take time to be with nature. Join our 30 day challenge. Root yourself back to nature.





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