An Interview With WhiteBird – A West Coast FORCE of LOVE

Who is WhiteBird


We recently had the opportunity to interview a beautiful West Coast band that is a fine example of light and love. This little bird nests on Pender Island and it sings a song that will send your spirit soaring. Musicians Mathew Des Roches, Sherry Anne and their three-year-old son Phoenix are sharing an inside look at what it takes to be White Bird.

Tell us about WhiteBird and how the band grew its wings?
White Bird West Coast Music“Really, it’s all about love. WhiteBird is my wife Sherry Anne and myself Mathew Des Roches, we live with our son in a little cottage on Pender Island. Since launching WhiteBird last spring we have been very blessed to work with some amazing people. We feel honoured to be a part of a truly creative and caring community of artists. Through the process of growing and learning, we realised that WhiteBird has her own inner and encompassing will and purpose. Each day we are being re-affirmed that we are only stewards of her message and love.”

Every time a new song is whispered to me it fills me with such reverence

Where does WhiteBird find their inspiration and creativity?
“The space in between. Really every tune at some time or another came spilling through this mortal gate, I mean where does that moment of inspiration come from right? its all a bit of a mystery. It’s such an amazing experience. Every time a new song is whispered to me it fills me with such reverence.”


Why do you love the WestCoast Music scene?
“I think really it just comes down to vibe. We love the conscious forward-thinking conversations we find ourselves in all the time. Keeps us thinking and moving in a healthy manner. It can be quite the dance with the shadow the journey into your art. We’ve been confronted by many inner challenges and our musical community has been there for us every time. Also, I’m born and raised on Vancouver Island and Sherry has been here since she was 6, we love what the coast has to offer.”


You recently toured through BC and Alberta. Give us a glimpse of what it was like on the road with WhiteBird?
“Yeah, last spring we took the first flight from the Nest and took WhiteBird on the road, it was quite the journey. Lots of kms and like I mentioned earlier lots of inner lessons. The tour was a few weeks through Alberta with a dip into both Saskatchewan and BC. We were the opening band for the ever amazing Lauren Mann, I also got the pleasure to play bass as a member of her band. We are so lucky to have Lauren and Zoltan Szoges as good friends, they really took us under their wing.

Lauren, performing as Lauren Mann, with Zoltan have been touring North America for years and have played over 650 shows, in fact, they are part way through a cross-country tour for her new album, Dearestly. They really role modelled ‘how to be a touring band’ right. We learnt tonnes both artistically and technically, it was an amazing first tour experience.

To make it truly ridiculous we also had our almost three year old son Phoenix on the road with us… and he had a blast! He sound checked the drums almost every night. He’s a keener. Some nights I had to perform with him in the ergo, the baby backpack, drums sticks in one hand and an apple in the other hand. It got quite the response from people, he was a catalyst of connection with a lot of new friends on the tour. So cool to be able to follow this dream of mine, and ours, with the whole family onboard for the ride!
It was a fun trip. So many great moments.”

Let the force of love be all that stands between us.

You have a new album release. Tell us about it and where we can find your music?
Yes, ‘FORCE of LOVE’, our debut studio album is going airborne October 7th, 2016. Exciting times! We began last February doing demos then started tracking soon after that. We recorded the whole album at ‘Wildwood’ on Pender Island with Zoltan Szoges. All of the musicians who play on ‘Force of Love’ are Pender folk too. Then we got our good friends Darryl Swart and Adam Gill at Park Hill Studios in Calgary to mix the album. Darryl and Adam really helped sculpt the tunes into the next dimension. So yeah, its a crazy long-held dream coming to fruition. Feels surreal. ‘Force of Love’ is a journey. Its a mosaic. We followed Spirit every step of the way and felt the guiding graces of insight and inspiration dawn at crucial intervals along the path of the albums creation. We are honoured to have an opportunity to raise our voice and contribute to the cry of love. Let the force of love be all that stands between us.

You can find WhiteBird on their website and their fun social profiles.





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