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 Anabel Wind is a full-time West Coast Wonderwoman. She’s a mom, a professional Jazz Singer, practices karate and runs Windstar Music Academy.

She believes that music is more than what you hear. Music has healing capabilities but it also allows people to connect with their inner abilities and strengths. Winstar Music Academy, personally knows and carefully hires teachers. Anabel believes that having the perfect relationship with your teacher increases their ability to grasp what they are learning and expand their musical talents.

 Chiganic interviews local West Coast people who have the ability to transform their organic energy and use it to inspire. Anabel is definitely an inspiration within the West Coast music scene but also inspires others to follow their musical and creative path.

You are a busy Mother, an entrepreneur as well as own a full-time business. What do you do to maintain your focus and handle stress?

Like many other people, I discovered Yoga, which really clears the soul, and helps recharging. As a voice coach,  I am a strong believer in the healing power of breathing, so meditating is my natural go-to for stressful times. 5 minutes a day can change your whole day. Lastly, I discovered Karate, and it really is stepping out of my comfort zone, but I love it!

What did your family do to encourage your singing career? 

There were always all types of music playing at home. Anything from Latin, to ABBA, to American and so on. Barbara Streisand was an honorary guest in our living room, as well as the Beatles, Nana Mouhkuri, and others. As a kid, I was always asked to sing in family gatherings, and at school, but my technique was not very effective. Finally, my parents gave in, and allowed me to take Opera singing lessons, and that’s when the real fun began! 

 Who are your musical inspirations?

I want to believe that I am quite eclectic musically. My day includes a lot of classical music in the mornings, and more modern music in the afternoon. I’d listen to anything really, American, Brazillian, Chinese traditional Opera, Celtic music, etc. If I could choose musical parents they would most likely be Bach and Ella Fitzgerald…I have recently discovered contemporary country music, and I think it really enhances the driving experience here, in beautiful BC!

 Where would you most like to perform? 

Great question. I am working towards showcasing in jazz festivals next summer, and touring before that. Until then, I’d like to finish writing more original music, and do a lot of local shows. I like the personal touch with local audience in smaller venues, I enjoy the small chats after the show, when people tell me what they felt about the music, and how it touched their souls. It’s so a treat!

What hidden talents do you have? 

Clearly, cooking is not one of them. I do have to introduce myself to my pots and oven every time I walk in the kitchen. I have a blue belt in Karate, and I am an excellent adviser. I also a member of ToastMatsres, and I enjoy writing and evaluating speeches. 

For others who are wanting to follow their dreams or a new path; What advice would you give them for following a new adventure? 

Have a plan. Start from the end goal and walk backward. Consult friends and experienced people to help you find that particular route that will work for you. There are many ways to get there, and you can’t walk the route already walked, you’ll have to find your own path.Good luck!

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