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West Coast style is as eclectic as it’s people. It embodies the gnarly wooded landscape, an essence of the fresh ocean mist and the tones of its rain forest tapestry. You will see a bohemian/midcentury design, red cedar trim and a touch of Bespoke. You will also find a room lavished with local handmade works of art or that perfect detail that were picked up at one of your local markets.

We are lucky to live among artists and creative talent. When searching for that perfect intrinsic Raincoast style, we don’t have to go far. We are highlighting Jardey O’Genski of North Shore Custom Furniture.

Woodworking takes the ability to feel the living energy from the root of a tree and transforms it into a new reality. Vancouver-based Jardey, is an alchemist of bespoke that can work with wood characterized by a life once lived and make beautiful coastal magic.

His furniture should be an essential feature in any home, office or family cabin. He can customize any dream design or inspired desire. Here are a few of his amazing  North Shore Custom designs.


Reclaimed Douglas Fir Coffee table delivered #coffeetable #northvancouver #reclaimedwood

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