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Cortes Island is one of the many jewels of the Salish Sea but Cortes has a certain magic that attracts an international audience. A major contributor of this magic is a long time community center, a hub where revolutionary leaders and innovative minds come to recharge but also share their energy; that hub is Holy Hock.

HollyHock is a nonprofit retreat that calls the southern tip of Cortes home.These beautiful grounds are known to be the healing heartbeat of the West Coast. They believe in giving back to their surroundings but also believe in treading lightly amongst their natural environment.

HolyHock not only feeds hungry minds and souls but they also feed hungry stomachs. Every dish is made with love and grown from a cornucopia of organic produce grown on the property. A true 0-mile diet that heals the body but also gives back to Mother Nature.

The Kitchen

The HollyHock Kitchen is world renowned for the depth of flavors and delicate design. They explain their dishes as “ethnically inspired West Coast Fusion dishes.” The food is probably more local than many of their visitors since the kitchen is known for sourcing strictly locally grown organic ingredients. They have produced two best-selling books so their guests can bring the tastes of the West Coast Back Home with them.

The Books

Hollyhock Cooks: Food to Nourish Body, Mind, and Soil

Hollyhock Cooks showcases over 200 recipes from soups, salads to entrées, sauces and not to forget their desserts. Learn how they incorporate delicious global flavors and infuse into a complete WestCoast design.

Hollyhock: Garden to Table

Learn how to harvest from the land and produce the perfect dish gently. For over 30 years Holly Hock has incorporated a zero mile diet into their recipes. This healing style of cooking leaves a friendly impression on the planet as well as your pallet.

Learn more about our little Vancouver Island Garden of Eden named Holly Hock.

Hollyhock Retreat is a new-age retreat located on Cortes Island, British Columbia. It also offers programs in Vancouver at the Hollyhock Room which is located in the Gastown neighbourhood
P.O. Box: 127
Manson's Landing, Cortes Island, British Columbia
V0P 1K0
Phone: (800) 933-6339


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