Be Like Betty – Betty White and The Power of Positivity

We hear how eating healthy will bring you an eternity of happiness but what gets forgotten is The Science of Betty. Betty White has one of the most life sustaining outlooks on life, that it should be considered as an important part of our daily diet. This amazing woman is a 94 year old power house. She has the most incredible way at keeping cortisol at bay. Her enthusiasm for life is out of this world but it seems to keep her healthy and young.


She truly is the golden girl and George Burns is the Golden Child. Why did I bring George Burns into the picture? I did that because George lived until 100. Once again just like Betty they have a superior way about seeing life. Both have lived enough to see shit hit the fan but yet they were able to strive forward. Sure, George Loved his cigars but he was able to look at this world in a perspective to keep his cortisol at bay. I’m not telling you to pick up smoking and trying to tell jokes. What I’m trying to say is maybe these fine humans had a really cool perspective on life so the present moment had a harder time to pull them under.

Perspective on life is just as important on where we get our nutrition


Perspective on life is just as important as where we get our nutrition. I’m not a doctor but if I had the chance I would prescribe a daily dose of these super peeps. Maybe these amazing people have an answer better than kale. Maybe, besides blending mass quantities of veggies into a smoothie we need to consider mental perspective and what it can add for us. It could be both.

We all experience pain. When I first broke up with my girlfriend the intense pain felt like heart ache. The pain was deep and physically my heart really hurt. Although it made me stronger it still touched me so hard it knocked me off on my feet. That is when I realized that emotional pain can effect us physically.

So to me, if this pain really hit me physically then there was a true connection between how I think and my physical health. This is me and everyone may be different. I do think we should consider mental health as much as we do our nutritional health. We need to look within ourselves and find what makes us feel mentally fit.

As much as different foods react differently within our bodies our mental food reacts differently to us as individuals. Gary Vaynerchuk, an amazing online marketer had said on the Rich Roll podcast that working had made him a happier person. Maybe, we should take this thinking into consideration. He knows what makes him tick and individually happy. Could this possibly reduce stress in his life because he thinks this way?


We need to have compassion towards the way we personally think

We need to have compassion towards the way we personally think. With a socially demanding world we tend to second guess ourselves. We need to stop blanketing an opinion on the world and we should begin to see individuality just as important as our daily multi vitamin. Respecting the individual as they are. Could it also mean that the way we see the world shouldn’t be so egotistical but rather accepting on how others see life?

Is there somewhere we can be at service for others? Maybe, but I think we need to begin to explore our own potentials and we may need to cultivate a healthy way of thinking that has compassion for others. If we cultivate compassion for ourselves maybe we can cultivate love for the world around us.

Let us not be motivated by society and social memes but rather find a way to respect our thoughts as individuals

Let us not be motivated by society and social memes but rather find a way to respect others as individuals. Some may have an edge that we may not understand but we can strive to learn respect possible life situations that made them this way.

At the end of the day, maybe all we need compassion for ourselves.It could bring us closer to Betty, George and many others that were able to extend their biological life.

What would Betty Do?

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