Who We Are.

Chiganic is a community of talented individuals that represent the creative and the talented. We are the home of handmade entrepreneurs and the heart of everything British Columbia. Chi stands for our relentless energy that runs through our glacier driven veins and the ageless wisdom of our rainforests. Our other half is as real as it’s people and embodies our organic ability to make our land just as amazing as it is.

So when people ask us what we are about, we simply have to say it’s about you.

Why Chiganic?

Chiganic is a hybrid of two words

CHI: Flow of energy that sustains living beings.

Organic: A living organism

The connection of those two words embodies and encompasses Chiganic. We strive to help our readers discover the relationship between our bodies and our surroundings. Chiganic’s main goal is to help reconnect our audience with their true authentic selves guiding the readers to be their own hope and inspiration.


David Mackenzie-Kong

David Mackenzie-KongI’m passionate about the world around me and deeply inspired by my beautiful surroundings. Life has it’s challenges, yet I’m always on the search for others that live positive, paradigm shifting, lives. I find, it’s these authentic people that maintain momentum for positive change in the world. I look forward to sharing these stories and people with you.



Angela Duckworth

Angela DuckworthBased in Victoria, British Columbia, I am an avid reader, traveler,  foodie, and gardener. I want to provide inspirational articles and creative ideas that will inspire our readers to embrace the world around them and find their passion.


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