Adam Bay- Debut Album Pacific Blood, Global Voice & John Butler’s Ocean

Adam Bay

How did music write your story?
I was only 9 when music grabbed a hold. I had a piano in the house growing up which I would fool around with a bit, but it was didgeridoo at nine that was my real start. Within a few years, it was pretty clear that music in some form would be a career path for me. Since then I’ve been chasing global sounds that have caught my attention.

How did your environment influence your songwriting?
I was very lucky in that my parents decided to raise my sister and me on Vancouver Island. This is a place where nature takes over. No matter where you go all, you can see supernatural beauty. While I’m not writing, I spend as much free time as possible camping along the island’s coast. To me, it was very natural to combine the two passions.

Adam Bay

What musical instrument resonates the most with you?
That’s a tough one.. ha. I spend a lot of my time perfecting Weissenborn guitar. Being a slide guitar, It can be such a clanky sounding instrument that needs a fine, delicate touch to get the soft/smooth tones from it. It has captured me. However, I think I could say with confidence that didgeridoo is still the one that resonates with me most. It’s a very grounding instrument. Traditionally they are made by Australian termites in the outback. Its one of the oldest instruments and it’s made naturally by nature’s groove. To me, it very much is the sound of earth.

Where is your West Coast Fortress of Solitude?
I have a few located on Vancouver Island as well on the southern gulf islands. Pretty much the west coast of Van Isle is where I can usually be found. The exact location remains a closely kept secret. Drive Route 4 and it gets close.

As an instrumentalist who inspires you?
I would say as far as instrumental goes; my early years had me listening to The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack composed by Howard Shore on repeat. Still gets me today. But in recent years the continuing development of John Butler’s track Ocean has been a personal goal. If I could write one song that affects someone that same way Ocean does to me, then I can be happy I made a definite difference in someone’s life.

Tell us about your debut album “Pacific Blood” and it’s upcoming release?
This is monumental to me. I had spent years getting ready before I even considered studio time to start the album. There was much to learn about the music industry first as I wanted to release something properly. There have been many learning curves, and the process as a whole took a lot longer than I had originally planned. I can promise it sounds better for it. These are 12 songs that I have poured myself into as much as this island’s beauty has poured into me. The release date worldwide comes on November 21st. The same day will include a special live performance at Victoria’s beautiful Belfry Theater. Holding a concert at the Belfry was a goal of mine right from the day I moved to the city. The day as whole is going to be very special to me.


This is me – ADAM BAY

Adam Bay


John Butler Trio
OCEAN is a very interesting aspect of my life. It is part of my DNA

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